At New Ulm Chiropractic, we have had great success with neck and back pain issues when a structural issue in the body is causing it!

Most of the time, neck and back pain occurs because of poor posture that is putting pressure on nerves, and one of the most common postural patterns we see at New Ulm Chiropractic is Forward Head Posture (posture where the head has shifted in front of the body and shoulders). It is a significant problem that can lead to a variety of health problems.

We take specific spinal x-rays in our office to be able to quickly and efficiently correct postural issues that cause neck and back pain. Usually, the pain begins to improve in 2-3 adjustments because of the gentle and precise care we provide that is based on your spine (there are no “cookie-cutter” adjustments here!)

If you or someone you know is tired of frequent pain in the neck or back, please come in for a complimentary evaluation with our doctors to see if we can help!