New Ulm Chiropractic is an important part of our overall plan to live healthy and happy lives. Regular adjustments help us keep mind, body and soul working the way they were intended. Dr.’s Steve, Nick and Danny are not only our chiropractors, they are our friends!

-Kevin & Renee K.

As a busy farm family, we make regular chiropractic care a priority. Whether in the shop, tractor, or hog barn, each day’s work can leave us feeling drained and ridden with aches and pains, nagging headaches, and poor sleep.

Our routine care at New Ulm Chiropractic refreshes and energizes our bodies, allowing us to focus on our family and our farm business. Our children are relaxed, not anxious; thoughtful and mindful instead of emotionally distressed. With chiropractic, we are all able realize our greatest potential.

-Lisa M.

I have fibromyalgia and also a job that requires a lot of being on my feet and heavy lifting. My body often aches and feels out of whack. I rely on my weekly adjustments to keep me aligned and to keep my body functioning properly. Without New Ulm Chiropractic my work and personal life would suffer. Also, everyone in the office is very friendly and welcoming. Great atmosphere along with great care.

– Lori W.

Before coming to Dr. Hawkins, I was always having back and neck pain. Injections and medications for pain management were short lived. Dr. Hawkins talked to me about the importance of receiving regular chiropractic adjustments. I now see him every Monday morning – it starts my week off well and best of all I am enjoying the activities I love most that I hadn’t been able to do! When my son Alex started having back issues during basketball season, we again turned to chiropractic care. Dr. Hawkins spent time educating Alex on his situation and how regular adjustments and treatments can help him. It has been a long journey for him but through his visits, he also is back on the court doing what he loves and has decided to pursue a career as a Chiropractor. Everyone at New Ulm Chiropractic has been excellent mentors for him. He believes so much in what they do at the clinic, he is referring his siblings and other family and friends!

-Shannon H.

I have pain symptoms from neck & back injury. Every 2 wks , I have an adjustment and my pain goes away. Good support group at NU Chiropractic has helped my family take care of self better after car accidents.

– Susan S.

I have gone to so many Chiropractors over many years and I have never seen so much improvement in my health or posture than I have after I’ve started going here. They do not only make sure you’re improving your posture but your health! I have gone to both of the chiropractors and they both do a wonderful job and of course crack a couple jokes along the way. New Ulm chiropractor offers so much to each and every client! And an extra bonus the lady’s at the front desk are always the most welcoming!

– Lydia B.

The staff is very friendly and the wait time is minimal. They explain things well-great experience!

– Shannon H.