At New Ulm Chiropractic, we have had great success in correcting hip and knee pain that is caused by poor structure!

Most often, hip pain and knee pain are caused by imbalance in the lower back and pelvis. Think about this–in your vehicle, if one of the axles is bent or twisted, that tire is going to wear much faster than the others. It is no different with your hips and knees! If there is a bend or twist in your underlying pelvis or lower back structure, you’re going to feel the pain in the knees and hips, or even the ankles or feet.

By analyzing extremely detailed x-rays, we are able to clearly see any tilting or twisting in the pelvis or lower back. Then, our gentle and precise adjustments correct any abnormalities leading to relieved stress and pressure on the hips and knees. We also have incredible hip and knee mobilizations that often improve pain with the first adjustment.

We are so thankful to have prevented hip and knee replacement surgeries by simply correcting the structural problem that was causing the hip and knee pain in the first place. If you or someone you know is suffering from hip or knee pain, please come in for a complimentary evaluation with our doctors to see if we can help!