Our Doctors

Dr. Steve Hawkins

Every day I hear story after story from patients telling me how corrective chiropractic care has impacted their life and the lives of their families. Every day the results we see with chiropractic amaze even me, and I have dedicated my life to bringing hope, help, and answers to as many families as possible.

I played basketball in college and found myself with a very serious shoulder injury and nowhere to turn. My best friend suggested that I check out chiropractic for the shoulder injury, and also as a possible profession. I’ll never forget when I “shadowed” his chiropractor for a few hours one evening way back in 1978. I stood in disbelief as I watched patient after patient come in and out of his office. What amazed me was simple. They were all smiling.

That day I learned that there is a health care profession where not only is the doctor happy to be there, but the patients are too. I saw people that were excited to be going to the doctor and grateful to be there. Not only that, the doctor was even more thrilled to be doing what he was doing. That was the day I decided that I was going to be a chiropractor. It was so different than anything I had seen, that it amazed and excited me. The next day I changed my major and began fulfilling the required coursework to go on to chiropractic college.

I completed my pre-chiropractic work at North Dakota State University and then began my studies at Logan College of Chiropractic in St Louis MO, graduating in August of 1982. In 1983 I began my practice in New Ulm. That’s 38 years ago!

So yes, I have been in practice for quite some time and I have had the privilege of performing well over 500,000 adjustments on patients as young as 1 hour old, to patients well into their 90s. Since obtaining my Doctor of Chiropractic degree, I have placed my emphasis on Structural Correction Chiropractic and on Pediatric Chiropractic.

Our practice is dedicated to providing amazing results for all sorts of general pediatric and family conditions – pediatric issues such as colic/reflux, ear infections, constipation, bedwetting, and so much more.

We also work with adult issues such as low back pain, neck pain, headaches, digestive issues, sleep problems, lack of energy, and on and on. On top of that, almost half of our practice sees us on a regular basis for wellness care – focused simply on staying healthy for life!

Everyone in my practice knows that for me FAMILY COMES FIRST! My wife Gayle is very involved with our team at New Ulm Chiropractic. My son Danny is also a Doctor of Chiropractic here at the office, and I have two more sons who are chiropractors! And my youngest son’s wife is a chiropractor also!

I love chiropractic for the amazing things it does for the families we serve here in the office, but we also know personally the benefits it has provided our entire family. My three boys have been getting regular adjustments ever since they were born, and the health they have enjoyed is a testament to the amazing benefits chiropractic care provides. My own personal health is a priority, and I always make sure to get my weekly adjustment as my #1 way to stay healthy!

I want to thank you for taking the time to check out our site and learn more about us. I hope you can see how passionate and dedicated we are to helping you and your family. Please contact us to take your first step to a better life.


Dr. Nick Hoxmeier

When you know, you know.

No matter where you begin on the road to living well, regular chiropractic adjustments can help you maximize your body’s own ability to heal and thrive!

Dr. Nick knew he wanted to be a health care provider early on in life. It wasn’t until he was near the end of college where he was introduced to the philosophy and science of chiropractic on a campus visit to Northwestern’s College of Chiropractic. The innate ability of the body to heal itself is a core principle of chiropractic, and fit well with Dr. Nick’s feelings about health and wellness.

Dr. Nick attended the University of Minnesota Duluth where he studied biochemistry and molecular biology to truly understand how our bodies work on a cellular level. After earning his Bachelor’s degree from UMD, he pursued his chiropractic education at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN, graduating in 2007 with a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree.

Dr. Nick keeps active with his wife and daughter participating in many outdoor activities. They enjoy inline skating and actively train for an inline marathon each September that covers 26.2 miles between Two Harbors and Duluth, MN. Dr. Nick also enjoys coaching his daughter’s soccer team in the spring/summer, and going fishing with his girls whenever life allows. In addition to chiropractic, Dr. Nick has a passion for education and has taught future health care professionals at the College/University level about the structures and functions of the human body. He brings this same passion to each chiropractic patient visit, helping explain how the structure of the spine can influence the activity of the nervous system and one’s overall health and wellness.


Dr. Danny

Chiropractic has been such a big part of my entire life. And it is AMAZING!

I have seen chiropractic adjustments help so many people, including myself. I’ve been adjusted since I was 3 days old, and I know it’s why I have such great health. My Dad is a chiropractor here at the office, and he’s been MY chiropractor my whole life! He’s what led me to want to do this myself, and I love it so much.

If you haven’t tried getting adjusted, you just have to try it. Come in and try it. It not only helps you feel better, but it completely changes and improves the way your body functions.

And our office is FUN! It’s not anything like going to a standard clinic. It’s upbeat, fun, we’re always laughing and joking–I promise you’ll feel welcome and have a great time in our office!

We’re so passionate about helping people live better lives, I hope that we can help you too! I look forward to meeting you!


Our Superhero Staff

Mary Sievert

Jill O’Connell

Gayle Hawkins

We all look forward to meeting you!